About Us Chicago Real Estate Developer


The Domain Group has been developing residential and commercial real estate in Chicago for the past 20 years.  The Domain Group's executive team is comprised of professionals who possess a wide variety of relevant experience, from construction management to real estate sales to interior design. The Domain Group's significant and diverse experience enables the company to consistently develop superior products, luxury homes that are built to last.


One year limited warranties are offered by The Domain Group in connection with the sale of any of its new construction homes in Chicago.  Its "after service", or customer service The Domain Group provides to all of its buyers after closing, sets it apart from nearly all other real estate developers in Chicago.  In the rare event any issues arise post closing, The Domain Group's contractors are courteous, skilled and extremely responsive.


The Domain Group values its neighbors and the communities in which it builds.  They recognize that forging solid relationships with neighboring homeowners is vital to the overall success of the project.   While The Domain Group continues to expand its real estate portfolio, it constantly strives to give back to its neighbors by building superior housing projects that will ultimately benefit the local communities.